The idea of sculpture and its specific volume, its material plasticity and complexity gives me a more comprehensive
notion of the painting. I am interested in different ways of artistic expression,
I love to link and interwave them, painting, grafic art, writings. I don't distinguish between sculpture
and painting, they are equally important to me. I have been painting all my life. Every day I try to work with my hands,
starting from something, from anything.

I imagine a kind of border area, a place without any laws,
a place of transitions, where uncertainty prevails, the interim.
There I am inspired to create, to draw from the most different materials and their potentialities,
with "material" I also mean the abundance of ideas that art offers.
Being a Neapolitan I feel closely connected to mythological representations, I sense a relationship
between ancient and contemporary artistic expression.

My works originate from an almost instinctive gesture, which moulds the figure out of a kind
of primeval chaos, like a disseminated seed which generates a form per se and from which I as an artist
derive the sense and strength of my own creation.